Monday, June 1, 2020

Summer Time Brings the Fun

We didn't have much of a Spring this year, so some bunnies decided to go right into Summer activities. One gentleman bunny is tending his flowers, two little girls were pulling carrots in the garden, and then there was a rebellious bunny who decided just to hop and skip all the way to Hallowe'en.  Added in is our sweet Becassine. She is ready to leave the French country-side and journey to Paris or perhaps some other big and exciting city.

All dolls are available for purchase.
Please contact me at:
Billing can be done via Paypal or Square Services. Look at the description beneath each picture for size and price. Dolls are made with paper clay and in this case, dressed in cotton and felt. Click on photos to enlarge. Thanks so much!

Gentleman Gardener Bunny 5.5" $138

Bunny for Hallowe'en 5.5" $138

Pulling From the Garden Girl Bunny 4.5" $128

Pulling From the Garden Bunny Girl 4.5" $128

Becassine's Voyage 5.5" $138

Thursday, April 2, 2020

My, my, isn't this old blog dusty? In this "stay-at-home" time in which we are living, looks like many of us will have to communicate through the wires now. I hope all of you who see this are safe and sound and doing the best you can. To keep up spirits, I'm participating in this online artists' event. I'm clearing out the cobwebs and inviting you take a little virtual tour of my studio... see some views of where the creating takes place and the end results. To take more virtual tours and discover other artists, click this link:
Check back here for more information on my work or send a friend request at this link:

Until next time, every best wish... 
p.s. be sure to click the maximize icon  in the lower right margin of the video, to enjoy to the fullest extent. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March EHAG Emporium

Happy Springtide from the EHAG Emporium. It's update time and here we go! Be sure to scroll all the way down. Once past the Hallowe'en items, you will see some "bitty baby" bunnies and some bunny ornaments. With Spring not quite "sprung" in much of the country, these bunnies will "hop-fully" brighten your day....
"Wobbly Noggin Pair"
These are one-of-a-kind sculpts in paperclay. They measure 5.5" tall overall.
"Bitty Baby Bunnies"
These little sweethearts are one-of-a-kind sculpts in paper clay. Each holds a sassy smiling flower and stands on a decorated wooden box. Bitty baby bunnies stand 3.5" tall, 4.5" overall with box. Boy in mint, girl in violet, boy in blue, girl in pink...
"Spring Time Bunny Ornaments"
Last, but surely not least, here are some ornaments that would look lovely on a Spring feather tree... or hung anywhere else you'd like, just to brighten your day. The bunny faces are one-0f-a-kind-sculpts in paperclay. The backings are folded paper with a sprinkling of clear, shimmering glitter. They are approximately 3"

Monday, March 30, 2015

EHAG Emporium Sneak Peak

  It's Spring and "that time" again.... what am I talking about, you ask? On March 31, the EHAG Emporium will be updating with all new artwork and I will be a part of it. My creations will have a little "spring".... in their... well, not their steps. You'll have to wait until that evening to make sense of my lunatic ramblings. So, remember to sign onto the Emporium ( promptly at 9:00 pm eastern time and then hurry here... along with  Hallowe'en items for EHAG, some very affordable Springtime creations will be available.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

EHAG Emporium and a Little More

An EHAG Emporium offering and some very special Valentines Day offerings. Be sure to scroll all the way down and thanks for having a look!

"Silas Shivver : The Absinthe Jack"
New Year's Resolutions.... Bah! Silas Shivver will have NONE of that! Indulge, indulge, indulge says he... as he pours another glass of absinthe. What's that I see on his top hat? Looks like the "green fairy" is coming for a visit!
Silas is 10" tall overall, paperclay, dressed in felt and vintage cotton print
Item sold... Thanks, S.

"Romeo's Hearts and Flowers"  and  "Sweetheart's Bear Hug"
Some things very sweet and most unusual. I have created very few valentine-themed dolls in the past. Both are paperclay and dressed in cotton prints. The little top hatted fellow, Romeo, is 6.5" tall and with presentation box is 8.5" tall overall.  Our dear girl, Sweetheart, is a petite 6" tall and with her box, 7.75" tall overall.
$140 each includes shipping: checks, paypal, credit cards through Square Services accepted
Items sold... Thanks, N.

"Flirty Face Ornament"
For the romance themed feather tree or just to hang somewhere to brighten the last of the gloomy winter days. Paperclay sculpted head on an accordion folded paper backing. Measures 3" tall overall and has a little "sparkle" added.
Item sold... Thanks, J.



Monday, November 12, 2012

O, Christmas Tree

   It's that time of year again and I can hardly believe it! This year has come and gone so quickly and it is once again time for our final Best We Can Do Christmas web sale. Our theme this time around is "O, Christmas Tree"... without saying to much (Santa has sworn us to secrecy), this sale will certainly be ALL ABOUT the Christmas tree. Join us November 14th (that's a Wednesday) at 8:00pm est..

This little snowman is awfully excited about the upcoming Best We Can Do "O, Christmas Tree" web sale... he hopes you are, too and will stop by to see him on November 14th!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best We Can Do "Pins and Needles" Sale

   Excited....Nervous....Anxious....on pins and needles?!  I might be as Hallowe'en quickly approaches! Join me and see (and maybe even purchase) some advance Hallowe'en OOAK creations on Sunday August 19th (8 pm est) at The Best We Can Do "Pins and Needles" Sale.... (click link)
How and where will he fit in? Stop by August 19th to see!