Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gathering of Friends...Come One, Come All!

   Well, my much for tending to this poor neglected blog. According to my last entry, it was due for some attention four months ago! Well, at any rate....

       Have you had enough of the dismal weather?
       Are you  ready for a little early Spring-time fun?

   Join me in southern California for a day that is sure to set things right. I will be returning to the land of milk and honey, after a five year absence, to take my place in A Gathering of Friends. Jody Battaglia, Paul Gordon, Pat Murphy, and Leslie McCabe will also be attendance. There is sure to be fine merchandise offered as well as a lot of fun and merry-making. If you can, please stop by for a visit...

A Gathering of Friends
March 17th  10 am - 2 pm
            Mill Creek Restaurant  103 N. Lincoln Ave.
Corona, CA   92882
(Lincoln exit from 91 frwy)

 In the bunnies' garden,
Any day at all~
You'll find her dressed as Queen Anne,
Playing with a doll.

Garlands of flowers are ever so grand,
When dear Miss Milliner makes them by hand.