Monday, October 24, 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog!

     I've been absent for awhile, but for good reason! In the last few months, I have dealt with a leaking roof, a health scare, filled a 65 piece order, and been to both Detroit and Orlando and back...phew! I think I'll have to do a year end "wrap-up" post, as I did a couple years ago. I have one more show in November... Paul Gordon's "Friends in Christmas" open house. I will post more information on that, SOONER than later! For those interested in my work, but fast running out of surface space, I may soon be returning to painting/illustration work. It's been several years since I did any of that! Right now, I actually have some odds and ends up for sale on my website and blog. Even if you don't plan on purchasing, please have a look and enjoy!

Until Later.... Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Best We Can Do Hallowe'en Web Sale

"Of Trickery and Magic Spells
    And things you cannot see,
  The tales we will regale you with
    Upon this Hallowe'en..."

(Just a hint of what's in store...)

     Come join the official kick-off to the Hallowe'en season. Yes, you read that correctly, the KICK-OFF to the Hallowe'en season. For a holiday so filled with frivolity and mirth, I do believe we need a little more than one single day of celebration. Start your celebration, in the most appropriate way possible, by attending The Best We Can Do artist group's "Of Trickery and Magic Spells" web sale. Tricks, treats, and wonderful little surprises are in store and you are bound to have a delightful time perusing the work of six talented artists. Mark your calenders... the party starts August 14th at 8 o'clock p.m. (eastern time) at

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Golden Glow Christmas Convention July 21-31

   Come one, come all!!! The North Pole will be temporarily set-up for a short time in New York. Rye Brook is the location of this year's Golden Glow Christmas Convention from July 27 - 31. If you are unfamiliar with this organization, please refer to and do what you can to attend one (or more) of their spectacular conventions. During these 5 day events, there are lectures, themed dinner and luncheon parties (complete with favors), a market of new Christmas creations, a sales room of antique Christmas items, and the true show piece of the event, the museum room. In the museum room, the finest in antique Christmas-related relics is displayed. Things that you could not even imagine...feather trees, Dresden tree ornaments, putz houses, Christmas dolls, antique toys, 19th century Santa costumes...WOW!
   Once again, my creations will be at an event but I will be there only "in Christmas spirit." Collins Gifts will have a select assortment of my work, so stop by to see Wendy in the Christkindlmart, if you have the opportunity.

 ***Show Schedule Update: Due to a slight financial set-back, I will not be attending Halloween and Vine this year***

This jolly trio will be making an appearance at the Golden Glow Christmas Convention

Santa found this lovely antique toy in his attic and will show it to you at the Golden Glow Christmas Convention

This little snowman is ready to deck the halls at the Golden Glow Christmas Convention

Santa and his hobby horse dolly will be rockin' the Christkindlmart at the the Golden Glow Christmas Convention

Monday, July 11, 2011

UFDC National Convention July 25-29

     Well, well, can the year be better than half over? Time flies when you're having fun... AND when you're busy. I don't have much in the way of news for myself, but my little creations certainly are making up for that fact. A small assortment will be traveling cross-country in the company of Diane's Doll Shoppe for the UFDC Convention in Anaheim, CA.  The convention takes place July 25th to 29th and if you are in Southern California (or can get there), you should stop in. You'll find everything in dolls...both new and antique. If you are an antique doll lover like me, you'll be in hog heaven! For more information on "public admittance," refer to
     UFDC is certainly the "word of the day," here in the studio. I am also working on a 65 piece order for the Lady Baltimore Doll Study group. They will be hosting a Halloween luncheon in October and my dolls will be a party favor for each guest. I can't say or show too much now, as I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. I'll show you more after this sure to be fun-filled event...
Until  later,
Best Wishes...

This Jack  O' Lantern Man and his marionette are dancing their way cross-contry with Diane's Doll Shoppe for the UFDC Convention in Anaheim, CA   July 25th-29th

Santa and this little Christmas Queen Anne doll will also be making an appearance with Diane's Doll Shoppe at the UFDC Convention in Anaheim, CA   July 25th to July 29th

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Quinlan's Doll and Teddy Bear Convention

Thinking Christmas is such an awfully long way off?

Need a little gifty pick-me-up?

Why not visit Philadelphia for the Doll and Teddy Bear Convention?

If you are interested in the finest in art dolls and soft sculpture creations, make the journey to Philadelphia and see the magnificent convention, hosted by Susan and Terry Quinlan. Artists from all over the world will be exhibiting and selling some of the best work you will ever see. The festivities take place May 12th to the 14th at the Airport Ramada, just outside of downtown Philadelphia. For more information, please refer to I do hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Secret Lives of Bunnies

Berniece the "Spot of Tea Bunny"

   From the old hollow tree trunk, two bunnies carried a tiny table. You see, this was no ordinary tree trunk because nestled inside was a cozy well-kept home. The two bunnies, though not sisters, were as close as sisters and on that particular day they decided to have a tea party. Coquette, the taller of the two girls, brought along her favorite dolly to enjoy the affair. Berniece, the smaller of the two girls, followed along with her toy pot, cups, and saucers. As the table was set, a surprising sight appeared. It was Jimmy Rabbit riding upon a racer fashioned from an enormous orange carrot.
   "Would you care to join our tea party, Jimmy Rabbit?" called Coquette as Berniece looked on in amazement.
   "Aw, shucks no!" cried Jimmy. "Tea parties are for GIRLS! You should join me for I am off on a great adventure..."

   Always at this time of year, the spotlight shines brightly on our little bunny friends. They are ever busy upholding their Easter-time traditions. By the score, bunnies all over the world are dying eggs, sewing toy self-replicas, and assembling fantastic presentation baskets. Schedules are set for the "big day" and this tiny legion works as efficiently as a favorite clockwork toy.
   But, do you ever ponder the every day life of bunnies? Surely there is more to their lives than Easter preparations! If we could silently part the forest brances to reveal the proper clearing, what might we find? I imagine a miniature village... tiny houses formed from tree trunks, a town square, the post office, and a theatre. Every morning, Papa Bunnies set off to tend the fields of carrots and cabbage. Mama Bunnies shake out the rugs and keep their homes and the child-bunnies find no end to the pleasures of frolicking in the sunlight...

for more information on the bunnies pictured, refer to

Coquette the "Bunny and Her Favorite Dolly"

Jimmy Rabbit is "Bun on the 4th of July"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A "Best We Can Do" THANK-YOU!

   I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone who stopped by The Best We Can Do Sale last nite! It was very exciting and a sell-out for everyone. It amazes me how quickly our loyal customers will respond during these sales! However can someone see it all in minutes and send an email? I have to say, it must be something in the genes of the collector! Well, bless them all for their continued support.
   In the previous post, I described my inspiration for our Nursery Rhyme Sale. Below, you will find the end results.

   Please enjoy and until next time... Best Wishes!

"Tommy Trout's Discovery"   overall 9" tall by 7"wide

"Betty Blue's Little Helper"   overall 6.25" tall by 7.25" wide

"Peter and His Runaway Wife"    overall 6.5" tall by 4.5" wide

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 30th Best We Can Do websale

  Where, oh where, is this year disappearing? It's nearly a third over, but on the bright side, something new and exciting is on it's way. Whatever could that be? Why of course, it's the latest Best We Can Do artist group websale! My work, along it the magical offerings of Lori Ann Corelis, Paul Gordon, Nicol Sayre, Scott Smith, and Roberta Taylor will soon be online for your enjoyment and consideration. Please come to our new and improved site (click link in the right margin) on March 30th at 8:00pm est and let us "tuck you in with a nursey rhyme..."

  Above you will find the cover of the little book in which I found most of my inspiration. It was published by Thomas Nelson and Sons in 1928. The rhymes I chose to recreate...

"Ding, dong, bell, Pussy's in the well.
Who put her in? Little Tommy Green.
Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Trout.
What a naughty boy was that,
To try to drown poor Pussy Cat."

"Little Betty Blue
Has lost her holiday shoe,
Give her another
To match the other,
And then she will walk in two."

"Peter-Peter, Pumpkin-eater
Had a wife, he couldn't keep her.
He placed her in a pumpkin-shell,
And there he kept her very well."

Remember... March 30th... Best Wishes!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Ladies of the New Year

   I'm a little late, but there is still one day left in January. So, I will say Happy New Year and wish everyone health and happiness in 2011. At any rate, it's never too late for well wishes!
   I have nothing new to report from the realms of art doll creation. I can only say that I am working right along, getting things organized for the upcoming months. I'm setting up my show schedule, working on special orders and trying to accumulate stock. When I can spare a moment, I have been sorting through my collections and listing antique and vintage dolls, etc. on etsy and ebay.

   While I am on the subject of antique dolls, I do have a little collecting experience to share. Presents are always fun, aren't they? Even presents that you purchase for yourself, right? Every year, within a couple months of Christmas (when I can afford it), I purchase a little something for myself. I don't mean to suggest that I don't receive lovely gifts from other people, but my "self-gifting" is a fun little tradition that I enjoy. I put my  presents away and open them in private, usually after the new year. As I have a mind like a sieve, it's still a surprise... even though I purchased the items.

    This year's "self gifts" are treasured finds. All were priced low, which is always appreciated. These dolls are not high-end by any stretch of the imagination, but each one is all-original and has simple, innocent charm.
I'm calling them the Little Ladies of the New Year. Please scroll down, see their photos, read the descriptions, and enjoy the artifacts of a long ago  nursery....

Little Ladies of the New Year

9.5" tall... Bisque head marked  "390  Made in Germany  A9/0M" (Armand Marseille), open/close glass eyes, mohair wig. She has a composition body. She wears a pink silk dress and bonnet trimmed in lace (even some flowers on bonnet), buckram drawers and slip with lace, stockings, and one shoe. I imagine she lost the other shoe while making a hasty retreat from a kitten, sometime in the last century. circa 1900

7.5"... Bisque head marked "GK  crossed bones symbol  N  Made in Germany   193  20/0  DEP" (Gebruder Knoch), fixed set eyes and blonde mohair wig.  She also has a composition body. She wears her all original linen sailor dress and hat, trimmed in rickrack, buckram drawers, and has painted socks and shoes... the shoes are in a blue to match the dress! circa 1900

A dear little miniature doll, only 4.25" tall. Parian-type bisque shoulder plate head, bisque arms and legs. Her torso and upper arms and legs are cloth. Her outfit is all original and meant to depict some form of regional dress. The red skirt is fantastic, as is the fancy bodice!  circa 1900

If you are curious about the painting in the background, it is an oil entitled  "On the Lynn, North Devon, Eng."
It is dated July 23, 1886... folky-looking, in my opinion and just one of those odd little things I found at an estate sale.