Friday, March 30, 2012

Best We Can Do Spring Sale

   All over the country, Spring is in the air and that can mean only one thing...

   It is time for the first Best We Can Do web sale of the year! This time around, the artists of Best We Can Do will be having a "little house" challenge. Whatever could that be, you might be wondering? Well, Spring is the time to open up the house after a long dark winter... airing out, sprucing up, and generally making ready for the beauty of the season to come. Come see how we  incorporate a "little house" in each of our creations.

  No FOOLING! April 1rst at 8:00 pm (est)
Don't be late... all items offered are first come, first served.
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A Little Teaser...
Join the jolly Gentleman Bunny and
the merry Milliner Maid
On April 1rst for the Best We Can Do web sale!