Monday, May 31, 2010

EHAG Emporium May 31rst Art Sale

The Eclectic Halloween Artists Group May 31rst Art Sale!
The time has arrived and what fun it will be to see all the offerings of the many talented EHAG artists.

I am offering two items for purchase consideration. I gladly accept PAYPAL or PERSONAL CHECKS as payment. Shipping/Insurance on Hallo'Claus is $8.00 and for the Portrai'ments $4.00. If you are interested in any of these special sale pieces, please email (this email address is also my PAYPAL id). These items are being sold first come, first served and every effort will be made to update their availability as quickly as possible. Items ship no later than 2 days after payment receipt. Please scroll down for pictures, descriptions, and prices.... Best Wishes!

Hallo'Claus    Ever think about what Santa Claus is doing between Christmases? For those of you who believe in him, Santa Claus watches out for your best interests year 'round. On Hallowe'en, he is ever vigilant in making sure things don't get too scarey. He may even search you out and offer-up a little Hallowe'en present! Hallo'Claus is sculpted in paperclay, dressed in felt, stands on a wooden base, and measures 8.75" tall. His tiny cat candy container opens at the neck. For ease of shipping and storage, he is completely removeable from the base...ITEM SOLD

For every household black feather tree, here are PORTRAI'MENTS
This is my first attempt at Hallowe'en ornaments. I've done many Christmas ornaments in this manner, so it was time for a new interpretation. These are bas-relief sculpted paperclay on a double layer of sturdy mat board. The backs are finshed as the fronts, in gold with polka dots and feature a tiny ribbon loop sealed with a dresden trim (slip an ornament hook right into the loop).  The SET OF THREE includes Gentleman Jack, Clowning Cat, and Saucy Witch. They measure 3.5" tall. Normally ornaments sell for $20 a piece, this set is offered at a special introductory 15% off price of   ITEM SOLD

Saturday, May 1, 2010

EHAG Black and White Challenge!

What do you know... I was invited to join the Eclectic Hallowe'en Artists Group! What a great honor. There is an ongoing assignment to create black and white pieces (The Black and White Fright Challenge) from May 1rst to the 7th. I have listed some things on ebay. This is my first time on ebay, so we'll see how it goes. Reserves are set low, so see if it works to your advantage! Below are photos with links to the auctions.

See the legend of the vaudeville circuits, juke joints, and even tent revivals...
Han'some Jack, the Banjo Man
(all the  ladies' hearts will be a-flutter)
Click link under Han'someJack's photos to view auction

Jeannine O' Lantern
What secret  lies behind Jeannine's alluring Mona Lisa Smile?  Click the link under her pictures to view her auction and find out the answer...