Monday, October 24, 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog!

     I've been absent for awhile, but for good reason! In the last few months, I have dealt with a leaking roof, a health scare, filled a 65 piece order, and been to both Detroit and Orlando and back...phew! I think I'll have to do a year end "wrap-up" post, as I did a couple years ago. I have one more show in November... Paul Gordon's "Friends in Christmas" open house. I will post more information on that, SOONER than later! For those interested in my work, but fast running out of surface space, I may soon be returning to painting/illustration work. It's been several years since I did any of that! Right now, I actually have some odds and ends up for sale on my website and blog. Even if you don't plan on purchasing, please have a look and enjoy!

Until Later.... Happy Hallowe'en!!!