Saturday, January 31, 2015

EHAG Emporium and a Little More

An EHAG Emporium offering and some very special Valentines Day offerings. Be sure to scroll all the way down and thanks for having a look!

"Silas Shivver : The Absinthe Jack"
New Year's Resolutions.... Bah! Silas Shivver will have NONE of that! Indulge, indulge, indulge says he... as he pours another glass of absinthe. What's that I see on his top hat? Looks like the "green fairy" is coming for a visit!
Silas is 10" tall overall, paperclay, dressed in felt and vintage cotton print
Item sold... Thanks, S.

"Romeo's Hearts and Flowers"  and  "Sweetheart's Bear Hug"
Some things very sweet and most unusual. I have created very few valentine-themed dolls in the past. Both are paperclay and dressed in cotton prints. The little top hatted fellow, Romeo, is 6.5" tall and with presentation box is 8.5" tall overall.  Our dear girl, Sweetheart, is a petite 6" tall and with her box, 7.75" tall overall.
$140 each includes shipping: checks, paypal, credit cards through Square Services accepted
Items sold... Thanks, N.

"Flirty Face Ornament"
For the romance themed feather tree or just to hang somewhere to brighten the last of the gloomy winter days. Paperclay sculpted head on an accordion folded paper backing. Measures 3" tall overall and has a little "sparkle" added.
Item sold... Thanks, J.