Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Spree Update

After a bleak winter up and down the east coast and Midwest, a bright day of socializing and shopping was in order. April 17th turned out to just the day to fit the bill. Paul Gordon and a few of his artist friends hosted a day of fun, sales, and delicious refreshments. The weather even lent a gentle hand by holding back the winds and rain... for most of the day, at least!

If you haven't paid a visit to Mr. Gordon and his little wonderland of a shop, please put this trip on the top of your "to-do" list. Paul is a delightful host and words hardly describe the enchantment of his little (and quite large) creations. Martinsburg seems the perfect setting for an early 1900's movie and there are also some nice alternate shopping areas within 10 - 20 miles.

An invitation was extended for an "after-event" gathering at Paul Gordon's house. This was the highlight of the trip. Outside, the house is an impressive Second Empire-style in brick , with a mansard roof. Inside it's as if you step into the artist's mind. Curiosities and whimsies fill all nooks and crannies. Antique photos, paintings, posters, and tapestries hang from the walls. Dolls, mannequins, and decorative objects beckon for your attention from tabletops and shelves. What a joy it all is to be hold!

So, without further delay, please have a look at a few photos from the Spring Spree...

Paul Gordon's shop window on Queen St. in Martinsburg, WV

Upon first entering the shop...flower arrangement

Flower ladies by Paul

Little mousie by Paul

Leslie McCabe rug hooking

Cathy Shamel quilted creations

Dara DiMagno jewelry

Deborah Hartwick mohair soft sculpture

Deana Ellis needle felting

my things...'nuff said
and various photos from Paul's shop follow.