Saturday, May 1, 2010

EHAG Black and White Challenge!

What do you know... I was invited to join the Eclectic Hallowe'en Artists Group! What a great honor. There is an ongoing assignment to create black and white pieces (The Black and White Fright Challenge) from May 1rst to the 7th. I have listed some things on ebay. This is my first time on ebay, so we'll see how it goes. Reserves are set low, so see if it works to your advantage! Below are photos with links to the auctions.

See the legend of the vaudeville circuits, juke joints, and even tent revivals...
Han'some Jack, the Banjo Man
(all the  ladies' hearts will be a-flutter)
Click link under Han'someJack's photos to view auction

Jeannine O' Lantern
What secret  lies behind Jeannine's alluring Mona Lisa Smile?  Click the link under her pictures to view her auction and find out the answer...

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