Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EHAG EMPORIUM June 30th Update

Welcome to the June 30th EHAG Emporium update. I have THREE items to offer for this month's websale.  Please scroll down to view all three and my previous blog entry describing the inspiration for these three creations. Items will be sold first come, first served. Please add $7.00 per piece for shipping/insurance. PAYPAL preferred (paypal id, some exceptions for payment may be made. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, email me directly at (click here to email) Thank you for stopping in and having a look.......Best Wishes to You! 

Item One   "Cat Cry"
No amount of shaking that rattle seems to sooth this crying baby. So, what's a Mama Kitty to do? Ah well, might as well smile, smile, smile. Nothing seems to concern this Mama.

Dolls are in paper clay, dressed in calicoes and black ruffles, Mama features a sculpted poke bonnet, and they stand on a base created form a vintage "made in Japan"  bellow toy.
8.5" tall, overall.... Item Sold

Item Two   "Saucy Sorceress"
With the wave of her wand, all things witchy and magical will materialize. One never can be to sure what the Saucy Sorceress will conjure up, but in this instance I see she has called up the tiny spirit of Hallowe'en joy!

Not quite your typical  Hallowe'en hag, the Saucy Sorceress is in paperclay, dressed in calico and black ruffles. Her hair is in the style of an 1830's  "milliner doll," complete with a slightly eerie skull hair ornament. A tiny half moon is painted on her handmade wand. The base is decorated with newspaper from a 1918 Pittsburgh publication, dresden sun, and gold rick rack.
9.25 tall, overall.... Item Sold

Item Three   "Mad Millinery"
Could it be so close to that most anticipated time of year?! It must be, as the Mad Milliner is in a frenzy of creativity, making all sorts of Hallowe'en hats! He has his milliner mannequin to display his most expensive Bal Masque top hat and a multitude of small party hats in progress are on the work table.
He is quite MAD, you know, so there is a twist to this piece... the milliner's head is interchangeable with the mannequin's head!

The doll in this piece is paperclay, dressed in felt and cotton. The two heads are interchangeable. Note the milliner's tiny jol pincushion. The milliner and table are both free standing, to allow versatility in display. The table is wooden and decorated with various fringes, newspaper from a 1918 Pittsburgh publication, features miniscule handmade paper and crepe paper party hats, and a milliner's bust mannequin.
Doll is 8" tall.... Item Sold


  1. These are wonderful Allen!.... Love that imaginative spirit of yours.....

    ~ Johanna

  2. Hi Allen, I think you are the most talented EHAG artist there is I love and admire your work and just wanted to let you know that. No offense to any of the other artist I just have my preferences and own personal tastes and was in management for years and you have it, Unique, and no one else is similar. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations. Happy 4th of July Weekend!

  3. Ooh...I don't know which one I like bestest!

  4. I absolutely,totally,completely,can't take it!!!Your work is out~of~this~world,Allen!Every piece is just amazing!You did a stunning job on the Sorceress' hair,I don't know how you captured the look of the antique Milliner's Models hair so perfectly~Bravo!!!
    Hugs :-),