Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open the July 31rst EHAG Emporium!

   Thank you for stopping by to have a look at my July EHAG Emporium offering! She is the Sweetheart of the Vaudeville Stage and goes by the name of Katze Von Sterner. You should see her songs and dances when she takes a turn in the glow of the footlights! No one does a better version of  "Oh, By Jingo" or "Mistress Mumbo Jumbo." Of course, no STAR of the stage would be much of anything, without a spectacular costume. Katze is dressed in one of her favorites which includes a star headdress of glittering gold trimmed with a soft black fringe (her head fits right through it) and a frothy frock made entirely of antique Dennison crepe paper. For more playful fun and to create the illusion of a stage setting,  Miss Katze arrives with tri-fold screen that includes "scrim" panels with applied gold stars and lots of frivolous gold braid trim. Katze Von Sterner stands 7.25" tall and again, her screen is included. Item is Sold... Thank You, B. Paypal (with id is
preferred, but other payment options may be considered. Please email me at to check availability and don't forget to see all
the other fine offerings from the EHAG artists.

Sweetheart of the Vaudeville, Katze Von Sterner

Katze Von Sterner in her stage setting

Detail of Katze's headdress,
Her head fits right through!

Close-up of Katze's dear little face

Details of dress
All antique Dennison crepe paper

A parting shot of Katze Von Sterner
Best Wishes!


  1. She is great they always are/11

  2. I left a message earlier but forgot to put the word verification in! What a wonderful piece. Great work.