Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Secret Lives of Bunnies

Berniece the "Spot of Tea Bunny"

   From the old hollow tree trunk, two bunnies carried a tiny table. You see, this was no ordinary tree trunk because nestled inside was a cozy well-kept home. The two bunnies, though not sisters, were as close as sisters and on that particular day they decided to have a tea party. Coquette, the taller of the two girls, brought along her favorite dolly to enjoy the affair. Berniece, the smaller of the two girls, followed along with her toy pot, cups, and saucers. As the table was set, a surprising sight appeared. It was Jimmy Rabbit riding upon a racer fashioned from an enormous orange carrot.
   "Would you care to join our tea party, Jimmy Rabbit?" called Coquette as Berniece looked on in amazement.
   "Aw, shucks no!" cried Jimmy. "Tea parties are for GIRLS! You should join me for I am off on a great adventure..."

   Always at this time of year, the spotlight shines brightly on our little bunny friends. They are ever busy upholding their Easter-time traditions. By the score, bunnies all over the world are dying eggs, sewing toy self-replicas, and assembling fantastic presentation baskets. Schedules are set for the "big day" and this tiny legion works as efficiently as a favorite clockwork toy.
   But, do you ever ponder the every day life of bunnies? Surely there is more to their lives than Easter preparations! If we could silently part the forest brances to reveal the proper clearing, what might we find? I imagine a miniature village... tiny houses formed from tree trunks, a town square, the post office, and a theatre. Every morning, Papa Bunnies set off to tend the fields of carrots and cabbage. Mama Bunnies shake out the rugs and keep their homes and the child-bunnies find no end to the pleasures of frolicking in the sunlight...

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Coquette the "Bunny and Her Favorite Dolly"

Jimmy Rabbit is "Bun on the 4th of July"


  1. Each and every one of these is precious!
    Of course I may be a little "bunny biased" !
    Lori Ann

  2. These bunnies are so wonderful,Allen!You can absolutely see them coming to life! I love the name Berniece,I dog~sit for my Mom's Scottie "Bertie" during the day,but I call her Berniece because that's what I think she should be named!
    Your dolls are simply THE best!
    Hugs :-),

  3. Wonderful work! Love all the details Allen!

  4. I JUST got what "bun" was referring to on the 4th of July 'bun"ny! OMG, I noodled on that for a week! LOL These are fantastic and I love the story, too!

  5. Please let Berniece know I'll be right over for a spot of tea! Love all your bunnies and story.